Oxtail, approx. 40 cm

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This chew is something very special for several reasons. It consists of the caudal vertebrae, which are surrounded by a lot of flesh and plenty of connective tissue. With the oxtail, your dog gets gently dried muscle meat for flavor and crunchy cartilage for bones and joints.

Soft chewing causes natural tartar abrasion and helps maintain the health of the teeth. Additionally strengthens the chewing muscles and ensures long chewing fun.

Price per piece: €1.80

Single feed for dogs


Composition: 100% beef
Size approx. 40-50 cm cm
• without chemical additives
• without flavorings and colorings
• without sugar or caramel
• without preservative substances

Crude protein.........55.3%
Crude fat................ 13.9%
Raw ash............. 29.9%
Values ​​are subject to natural fluctuations as this is a natural product; the size, shape and color may also vary from the photo.

Feeding recommendation

Please always provide your dog with fresh drinking water.

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