Dog sausage duck, 400g

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Our cut-proof dog sausage made from duck meat is a treat for every four-legged friend. Made from high-quality duck meat and gently processed, this dog sausage is a tasty and healthy alternative to conventional treats.

Thanks to its special consistency, the sausage is easy to portion and can simply be cut into small pieces as a reward or snack. The sausage is also particularly durable and stays fresh for a long time even without refrigeration.

Our dog sausage is free of artificial additives such as flavor enhancers or colors and only contains natural ingredients. It is gluten-free and therefore also suitable for dogs with food intolerances.

Thanks to the high proportion of high-quality protein and the low fat content, the hard-cut dog sausage made from duck meat is not only tasty, but also healthy for your dog. It supports building and maintaining muscle mass and helps maintain a healthy weight.

Treat your pet to a healthy and tasty reward with our cut-proof dog sausage made from duck meat.

Complete food for dogs


Composition: 95% meat and animal by-products (100% duck), 4% rice, 1% minerals
• without chemical additives
•without flavorings and colorings
•without sugar or caramel
•without preservative substances

Shelf life is 18 months if not refrigerated

Crude protein............ 12.8%
Crude fat................ 15.5%
Crude ash.............. 2.4%

Feeding recommendation

Please always provide your dog with fresh drinking water.
After opening the roll, please store it in the refrigerator and use within 3 days.
As a complete feed and as a reward snack, also perfect as a cash substitute when traveling.

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