Coffee tree chewing wood

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Coffee tree wood - 100% natural product, untreated

Which size is suitable for which dog? This depends on the bite force and size of the dog.

Ideally, the chewing stick should not be able to be placed between the back molars. If the dog bites through the chewing stick, take it away immediately, otherwise he could injure himself, as well as if the rest is so small that the dog could swallow it.

The following table is a guide. If in doubt, take a size larger.

Dogs up to 6 kg XS
Dogs up to 10 kg S
Dogs up to 20 kg M
Dogs over 20kg L


Coffee tree wood - 100% natural product

100% sustainable! Using “waste” wood

Size (length and thickness) may vary

Feeding recommendation

As with any toy, please only give it under supervision.

If the chewing stick is so small that your dog could swallow it, please throw away the rest.

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