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The natural ham bones for dogs are prepared from the leg of the pig, i.e. the thigh. The bones offered are joint bones and not only offer your dog a very long activity, but also clean the teeth in a natural way. Since there are still small pieces of meat left on the ham bone, the front teeth are also used for gnawing, which further strengthens your furry friend's chewing muscles.

Single feed for dogs

Price per piece: from €1.50


Composition: 100% pork
Size: approx. 15 cm
• without chemical additives
• without flavorings and colorings
• without sugar or caramel
• without preservative substances

Crude protein.........45.4%
Crude fat................. 39.1%
Crude ash................ 6.5%
Values ​​are subject to natural fluctuations as this is a natural product; the size, shape and color may also vary from the photo.

Feeding recommendation

Please always provide your dog with fresh drinking water.
Please only feed chewing items under supervision.

Attention: Please only feed under supervision as bones can splinter. If the bone splinters, please remove it immediately to avoid injury.
Chewed bone can lead to constipation.

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