Pig noses, puffed

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Discover a delicious and crunchy delicacy for your four-legged friend - our puffed pig noses. These unique treats are made from high-quality pig noses and carefully processed into an irresistible snack for your dog. Puffed pork noses undergo a special puffing process to obtain a light and crispy texture. This makes chewing a real pleasure for your dog. These snacks not only have an irresistible texture but are also rich in flavor. Pig noses are naturally low in fat and high in protein, making them a healthy and balanced addition to your dog's diet. Our puffed pig noses for dogs are free from artificial colors and preservatives and contain no grains. Treat your dog to an extraordinary taste experience with our pig noses. Whether as a reward during training or as a special snack in between, your dog will love this delicious treat.

Price per piece: €1.50


Composition: 100% pork
• without chemical additives
• without flavorings and colorings
• without sugar or caramel
• without preservative substances

Crude protein........ 61.0%
Crude fat................... 7.0%
Crude ash................3.0%
Crude fiber...................0.5%
Values ​​are subject to natural fluctuations as this is a natural product; the size, shape and color may also vary from the photo.

Feeding recommendation

Please always provide your dog with fresh drinking water.
Please only feed chewing items under supervision.

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