Pig's ear

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The classic among dog chews. Pig ears are made of cartilage and skin and are very tough. By chewing for a long time, plaque is rubbed off and can thus support your pet's dental care and the chewing muscles are also strengthened.

Single feed for dogs

Price per piece: €1.30


Composition: 100% pork
Additive: smoke flavor
Size approx. 12-15cm
• without chemical additives
• without flavorings and colorings
• without sugar or caramel
• without preservative substances

Crude protein...... 67.6%
Crude fat............. 27.5%
Crude ash............ 2.2%
Values ​​are subject to natural fluctuations as this is a natural product; the size, shape and color may also vary from the photo.


Please always provide your dog with fresh drinking water.
Please only feed chewing items under supervision.


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